Pittsburg Marina Tunnel Jacking Pit

Sanitary Sewer Inspection and Citywide Sewer Rehabilitation Projects 

City of Pittsburg, California

In 2004, the City undertook a major effort to inspect its collection system and to correct the structural and hydraulic deficiencies. That effort began with a CCTV inspection and condition assessment of 120,000 feet of sewer to identify the worst areas of the system and prioritize the capital improvement projects. Following this, the City initiated design of the most urgent projects in three separate bid packages. Since that time, Eric Petrel has served as project manager for the condition assessment and for design of all three of those projects.

The fourth phase of the project, which HydroScience is currently designing, includes several sewer segments totaling approximately 10,000 LF and additional pipeline replacements and pavement restoration. Projects include the general relocation of shallow, flat sewers serving a residential neighborhood to improve sewer flow velocities and abandonment of backyard sewer easements. They also include a new crossing of the BNSF Railway, which will be placed inside a new 24-inch steel casing installed using the pilot tube guided auger boring method. HydroScience assisted the City in obtaining necessary permitting for the new railway crossing and an Underground Classification from the CalOSHA Mining and Tunneling unit for installation of the steel casing.