Hinkle Creek Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

City of Folsom, Sacramento County, California

HydroScience was retained by the City of Folsom to provide construction management and inspection services and engineering expertise for the rehabilitation of 5,200 LF of 6- to 10-inch vitrified clay gravity sewer main utilizing cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) trenchless pipeline rehabilitation technology. The work was conducted in a sensitive corridor adjacent to Hinkle Creek and the backyards of homes. Bypass pumping during sewer lining was carefully managed to prevent spills and maintain continuous service. The project also included repair of 25 manholes, installation of six flow level monitoring systems that included SCADA integration, and a complete creek bypass. 

HydroScience’s experienced staff dealt with unforeseen challenges, including a CIPP shot that did not cure properly and a section of pipeline that collapsed beneath a creek during the CIPP process. HydroScience worked with the contractor to access the damages, communicate with affected neighbors, and find an appropriate repair option for the City.